How We Work

We aim to make things as simple for you as possible. We take care of all administration tasks on your behalf and our advisers are committed to helping you achieve your financial goals in a way and at a pace you are comfortable with.

Initial Meetings

The aim of this initial free consultation is to provide you with a clear understanding of what you can expect from your independent adviser. We will clearly explain the cost of our services and the type of advice we provide.
We will discuss your immediate and future financial goals and aspirations. It is at this meeting you will be asked to provide detailed information regarding your current circumstances, both personal and financial. If relevant, we will also complete investment risk profiling. We encourage you to provide as much information as possible to ensure any recommendation you receive from Bespoke IFA is truly personalised. No advice is provided during these meetings.


Analysis & Research

Your independent adviser will now complete a thorough review of your circumstances and analysis of any existing arrangements. The aim of this stage is to ascertain how suitable your existing arrangements are in relation to your needs and any specific objectives you may have. We will also compare them to the alternatives available from the whole of the market. If required, your adviser will also engage with your other professional advisers, such as your solicitor or accountant.



It is at this stage that your adviser will present you with the results of our analysis, as well as your personalised recommendations. We will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the reasons for our recommendations and how any financial plan is to be implemented.



We will now engage with the appropriate solution providers on your behalf. This stage includes completion of application forms and supporting documents. Our administration team will assist in the submission of any application to ensure accurate and timely processing.


Maintain & Review

If you have taken advice on a pension or investment and you have opted for one of our ongoing advice services, on an annual basis we will review your financial plan and any investment strategy we may have implemented. If required, it is at the annual review meeting we will recommend adjustments to your financial plan to reflect any change in circumstances.


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